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[ HINHED System ]


Aluminium doors with insulation are used in this system while incorporating minimal depth and width. A variety of hinged openings are available to use for all doors.

Basic Depth 134 mm
Frame Width 87 mm
Thickness 34 mm
Air Cavity 22 mm
Height 2.5 m
Vent Width 1 m

Functional Characteristics:

  • Available in different colors for the inner and outer profile.
  • Double glazed.
  • Face or flush fitted vents with the ability to hinge, tilt, turn and tilt, and open out.
  • Easy water weeping (double cavity).
  • Great performance with flexible sliding fly screens and lockable handles
  • For quiet functioning the system fancies low maintenance with rollers run.
  • Customizable design with possibility to have fixed panels or openings in different mechanisms.