Omar Alfaqeer Sons for Aluminum Industrial Co

Alqastal industrial area , QX48+2F

Amman, Jordan

Landline: +962 6 471 1573

Albayan for Aluminum industries Co

Alqastal industrial area , Air Cargo Road ,  P3H9+47
Amman , Jordan

Landline: +962 7 9714 6502

[ Windows and Doors ]


Al Faqeer Sons delivers the highest quality windows and doors sliding systems, combined with beautiful exterior designing and thermal and non thermal insulation. All of our outstanding aluminium and wood systems are available in a wide variety and range of colours.

Our sliding systems are also made up of non thermal, thermal and non composite aluminium with wood sections that can be requested in a variety of different colours and designs. 

Our sliding systems come in all forms and variations which include sliding, lift-and-slide, tilt/slide, folding sliding or automatic sliding openings. All these systems provide maximum light penetration still granting sustained sliding mechanisms.